Material: Calcium carbonate

Capacity: 4TPH

Output Size: 1250mesh

Equipment: LUM1125 Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Application: Ultrafine powder production

Project Background

The customer is a leading manufacturer of high-quality calcium carbonate powder in Vietnam, and has established an advanced modern grinding line system that meets European standards. The system consists of 12 machines operating on coated and uncoated lines. The products produced are of high and stable quality, and meet the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015. The finished products such as calcium carbonate powder and master-batch have high grade and stable quality. They are not only favored by domestic customers, but also attract a large number of customers from India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa and other regions.

Project Advantages

1. High-quality equipment

① Advanced manufacturing technologies allow the equipment to be used for more than 20 years.

② The core castings are imported from famous suppliers. So the quality and the performance can be guaranteed.

③ The main gearbox adopts the Taiwanese design concept which has profound market application experience. In addition, the gear system uses an excellent isobathic tooth set with six layers of lubrication and protection system. The gear system combining with the chain combination effectively ensures the long service life of the gearbox.

④ The grinding roller and the lining plate are made of heat-resistant alloy steel.

⑤ Blades of the imported grader are wear-resistant.

2. Technical Advantages

① Over 30 years’ experience on machine manufacturing, SBM can provide the project with a full range of technical supports.

② The internal structure and system composition of the LUM Ultrafine Grinding Mill is specially designed to make the powder production process more perfect.

③ Advanced electrical control system and components are from famous brands.

3. Excellent Finished Products

① High content of ultrafine powder;

② Perfect powder shape;

③ Good dispersity;

④ Low oil absorption;

4. Operational Advantages

① High capacity;

② Low energy consumption;

③ Low operational costs;

④ Advanced controlling system;

⑤ Low rate of maintenance;


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