SCM Series Ultrafine Mill (45-5μm)

SCM Series Ultrafine Mill (45-5μm)

Along with the rapid development of social economy, the requirements on pulverizing fineness by the clients from the pulverizing industry are also increasingly improved. General Raymond mill has been fairly unable to meet the demands of the market development. As a result, SCM series ultrafine grinding mill is developed. Its powders’ fineness can be adjusted within a range from 325 to 2500 meshes and its disposable fineness can reach D97≤5um which has ranked the leading level in the same trade and partial highest fineness reaching 2500 meshes through repeated experiments test by the geoscientific research institute. Because of its good performance, SCM win high praise from the users.

  • Input Size: 0-20mm
  • Output Size: 325-2500 mesh

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Technical Advantages


High Output and Low Energy Consumption

It features high efficiency and low energy consumption, with the capacity more than twice that of jet mills but the energy consumption lower by 30%.
Automatic feedback with fast and stable conversion of finished products; intelligent control, saving labor costs directly.


High Fineness

Frequency-conversion control, convenient for the adjustment control, with the one-time finished products D97≤5μm.
The efficient vertical turbine powder classifier can achieve high efficiency, accurate cutting size and no spillover of coarse powder.


Heavy rotor design and tight test method

The roller and ring are made of special material, so the durability can be several times higher.
The grinding chamber has no bearing screw, able to work stably free of vibration after balance treatment.


Environmental protection

The efficient double powder collecting method of powder collectors and pulse dust collectors is able to achieve good effect in dust collection, which is far higher than the international standard.
The optimized sound insulation room and muffler can effectively prevent the spread of equipment noise.

Working Principle

 Working Principle

Each rotary table at each layer is driven by the electric motor through inputting power into the main shaft by the speed reducer of the main engine. Three layers’ ring roller rolls and rotates in the roller path of the grinding rings. When materials are uniformly fed into the center of the upper rotary table, they are scattered to the circum of the circle under the action of centrifugal force and fall into the roller path of the grinding rings and then punched, pressed, grinded and crushed by the rolling mill and materials will afterwards fall into the second and third layers to be further crushed through after the first layer crushing. Finally, the fine powder will become the finished products by entering into the whirlwind powder collector along with airflow and via a discharge valve at its bottom while the airflow with few fine dusts will be purified by the pulsed jet filter and discharged through the fan and silencer.

Main specification


Anchor powder making plant - 30,000 TPY

  • lime, gypsum
  • 325 mesh
  • construction industry

Barite powder making plant - 40,000 TPY

  • barite
  • 325 mesh
  • non-metallic mineral

Natural gypsum powder making plant

  • gypsum ore
  • 325 mesh
  • non-metallic mineral

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