Customer Site: Anhui, China

Material: Limestone Finished

Product: Desulfurization agent

Input Size: <10mm

Output Size: 250meshes D90

Capacity: 200,000TPY

Equipment: 2 MTW European Mills and auxiliary machines

Case Profile

1. About the customer

The customer is from a large mining company whose business is mainly related to limestone and its augmented products in Eastern China. Currently, the company owns the mining right to exploit 2.82 square kilometers of mine. The output is expected to reach 3 million tons. Of them, 1.2 million tons of limestone would be used for metallurgy; 1.8 million tons of limestone for cement production and 500,000 tons of aggregate for construction. Besides, the company has its own shipping company and the capability of transportation can reach 3 million tons every year.

2. About the project

To make full use of the mine resource, improve level of product and increase economic profits, the company declared a new project in 2011 to produce hi-tech compound products. The total investment valued 1.39 billion yuan and the investment of fixed asset valued 1.191 billion yuan. The project planned to bring annual output of 300,000 tons of light calcium carbonate, 200,000 tons of plastic masterbatch, 400,000 tons of desulfurization agent and 300,000 tons of limestone. The project could achieve output value of 1.748 billion yuan and taxation of profits of 600 million yuan every year.

Configuration Of Production Line

Main Machines

1) Two MTW European Mills

MTW Series European Mill is a new generation of grinding equipment with advanced technologies. It takes integral transmission system, internal thin-oil lubrication system and online monitoring system of oil-temperature. It has multiple patents. Meanwhile, it is characterized by small occupation area, low investments, low operation cost, high efficiency and environment protection.

2) Auxiliary Machines

The auxiliary machines include hopper, belt conveyor, de-ironer, elevator, raw material bin, MTW European Mill, dust collector, fan, conveying system, finished product bin.

1) Feeding System

Limestone is sent by belt conveyor (de-ironer) to the elevator and then limestone is elevated to the raw material bin. Following this step, the limestone is sent by belt feeder to the mill to be ground.

2) Grinding System

The material is ground by MTW European Mills and the finished product is collected by cyclone powder collector and impulse dust collector after separation. And then discharged from the outlet, the finished product enters the spiral conveyor.

3) Conveying System

Pneumatic conveying system at the discharging hole of spiral conveyor sends the finished product into the finished product bin. The redundant air is filtrated by the OWM-CCQ.

4) Dust Removal System

The whole system is equipped with 3 impulse dust collectors. Suction opening devices are installed at the sources of flying dust to keep dust-free operation.

5) Controlling System

The system is equipped with intelligent PLC control cabinet and upper computer so the functions like start & stop, monitoring and interlock can be controlled intelligently. The DNS connector makes remote control possible.

Advantages Of Project

1. Turnkey Service

To shorten construction period and reduce investments, the customer chose our EPC service for desulfurization agent preparation. The service covers all stages of the project from geographic inspection, design of production line, test of raw material, analysis of finished product, evaluation of budget to installation and commissioning of machines. This can help customer avoid the production delay caused by lack of building materials and labor force. The service brings convenience to customer and achieves operation in a short time.

2. High Standard and Strict Requirements

The Project Achieved:

1. Advanced machines, scientific configuration, reasonable layout and smooth operation;

2. Remote control and automatic operation;

3. No dust pollution. High-efficiency dust removers are equipped at the feeding system, grinding system and conveying system(used to transport finished products).

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