Material: Limestone

Input Size: 0-30mm

Output Size: 325mesh, D90

Application: Desulfurization agent production

Equipment: 3 MTW175z lines

Capacity: 300,000TPY

Project Background

This project is located in Shanxi Province, China. The customer is one of old friends of SBM. It has years of experience on desulfurization agent production. As early as 2009, the customer bought grinding mills from SBM to process limestone so as to produce desulfurization agent for power plants. Until 2017, the mills has been used for 8 years. And all data was still stable. In 2017, the customer decided to expand production scale. So in consideration of good performances of SBM's mills and considerate after-sales services, the customer chose SBM again without hesitation.

Technological Advantages Of MTW175z European Grinding Mill (Heavy Duty)

European grinding mill, a new generation of grinding equipment designed by SBM, is the upgraded product of traditional Raymond mill. It can be widely used in metallurgy, building material, chemical engineering and mining industry. By virtue of stable operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, adjustable fineness, easy maintenance, low noises and environment protection, European grinding mill is always given priority to when investors are choosing mills, especially in desulfurization field. Advantages of European grinding mill are as follows.

1. The mill is vertical, which saves floor area. Meanwhile, it can form with other auxiliary machines a complete production system to grind blocky materials into finished powders.

2. The finished powders have even fineness. The screening rate is 95%. Powder concentrator can achieve free control of fineness. Meanwhile, the adjustment is simple and easy.

3. The host transmission device is driven by bevel gear, stable and reliable. Besides, the host axis, fan and bearings of powder concentrator are equipped with dilute oil lubrication devices. So later maintenances get easy. Water cooling system is installed on fan and host drive device respectively, allowing machines to run continuously and stably.

4. Core parts are made from high-quality steel, ensuring stable operation and extending service life of mills.

5. The electric system adopts central control. The whole mill boasts high automation.

6. The maintenances are easy. Vulnerable parts like grinding roller and grinding ring are made from wear-resistant materials, so they are durable. Daily work is to insert oil into lubrication parts.

Production Site

Currently, this project has been put into operation. So what is the project site like? Let's have a look at following pictures together!

Customer Feedback

We found that SBM was quite professional through the first cooperation. The project design, offered by SBM, helped us create great profits. Meanwhile, their considerate services made us feel relieved when cooperating with them. So when we decided to expand our production scale, we chose SBM again with no hesitation.

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