Ground calcium carbonate is a kind of calcium carbonate powder produced by mechanical crushing with calcite, chalk, marble and other ore as raw materials. It is a common powder inorganic filler. The processing of heavy calcium carbonate has become a trend of large-scale, ultra-fine, intelligent, environmental protection and energy saving.

It has the advantages of high chemical purity, inertia, difficult chemical reaction, good thermal stability, no decomposition below 400 C, high whiteness, low oil absorption, low refractive index, soft, dry, no crystalline water, low hardness, low abrasion value, non-toxic, odorless, good dispersion, etc. Widely used in chemical industry, papermaking, medicine, building materials, can increase product volume, reduce costs, improve processing performance (such as adjusting viscosity, rheological properties, vulcanization properties), improve dimensional stability, reinforcement or semi-reinforcement, improve printing performance, improve physical properties (such as heat resistance, matting, wear resistance). Flame retardant, whiteness, gloss, etc.

Technological Process

Ground calcium carbonate is a powder product grinded with calcite, marble, dolomite or chalk. It is mainly used in filler coating materials, paint, rubber, plastics and other industries.
(1) Grinding Stage:
Material of suitable size is fed into the main machine for grinding, and the fine powder after grinding is sent to the analyzer for grading under the action of the air flow of the fan, so that the fine powder with qualified fineness can enter the collecting stage.
(2) Collecting Stage:
The dust gas enters the cyclone collector through the outlet pipe. Under the action of centrifugal force, most of the finished fine powder is separated. Redundant gas is discharged and sent to pulse dust collector. Then it becomes clean gas. Fine powder collected by cloth bags is transported to the conveying stage through screw conveyor.
(3) Conveying Stage:
The finished ore powder collected by dust collector and cyclone collector is sent by screw conveyor to the next process or into finished product tank.

Powder Requirements

(1) Used in plastics, paint, paper and other industries (325-2500mesh)

In coatings and plastics industry, heavy calcium carbonate is usually used as filler, widely used in plastics, papermaking, paint, building supplies and other daily chemical industries. As filler, it can increase the volume of products and reduce production costs.

(2) Used in fertilizer field (about 200mesh)

Ground calcium carbonate is almost composed of monocalcium phosphate, which does not degrade phosphoric acid in soil.

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First, hand-selected calcite, limestone, chalk, shells from quarries to remove gangue; then crushing limestone with crusher, then using Raymond (pendulum) grinding to get fine limestone powder, and finally classifying the grinding powder with classifier, the powder that meets the particle size requirements is packed into storage as products. Otherwise return to the mill and grind again.

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