The reason why the vertical roller mill vibrates

The reason why the vertical roller mill vibrates

If the vertical roller mill has a system problem, it will cause a large vibration phenomenon. Therefore, when there is vibration, don't be too alarmed. Be sure to check the cause first, and then make corresponding measures to solve it.

The vertical roller mill system is very simple, easy to operate and adjust, high degree of automation, suitable for large-scale and ultra-large-scale industrial production, but also for small and medium-scale production, so it is very popular.

However, if the vertical roller mill has a system failure, excessive vibration will occur. What is the specific reason? Please see the following introduction.

First, the belt scale is broken, out of control, and fluctuating

Due to changes in seasons and materials, the belt scale will have the phenomenon of material breakage and jamming, especially when the limestone and sandstone are broken, the material layer will suddenly become thinner, the buffering effect will be weakened, and the grinding pressure will still be relatively large, which will cause vibration.

Second, grinding into foreign bodies

Metal foreign matter is hard because of its texture, so when the grinding roller grinds it, the impact and damage to the liner are more serious. At the same time, the grinding roller will also produce large beating, causing sudden vibration. Although the grinding material passes through several iron removing devices, the protective device that falls off in the grinding, the large piece of the liner will still cause large vibration.

Third, the temperature inside the mill is too high

When the internal temperature of the mill is high, it will cause the toughness and rigidity of the material layer to be destroyed. Especially when the temperature is too high, the material becomes very loose, not only the material layer is thinned, but also it is not easy to be "sucked" by the grinding roller for rolling, causing Vibrant vibration. Under normal circumstances, the corresponding control can be achieved by adjusting the grinding baffle and the amount of water sprayed.

Fourth, the system air volume, material volume, grinding pressure does not match

The air volume, feed volume and grinding pressure in the vertical roller mill system should be a balanced whole. One parameter should be changed during normal operation, and other parameters should be adjusted accordingly. If the parameters do not match, it will also cause vibration to occur.

Of course, the above is the vibration caused by the damage of the system, and the cause of excessive vibration is multi-faceted, and must be considered comprehensively.

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