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Product Overview

Vertical Roller Mill is our newly-launched product which is applied as a solution to the technical issues such as low output and high energy consumption in the ordinary industry. This new type product is developed based on years of production and development on the pulverizer through analyzing and researching the strengths and weakness of both foreign and domestic products of its kind. Its performance has entered into the leading level among the international products of its kind. Vertical Roller Mill is a new type advanced pulverizing equipment featuring good performance and drying function. Integrated with drying, pulverizing and powder-selection, Vertical Roller Mill is widely applied in cement, chemical, coal and electric power industries. It has become the mainstream equipment in the pulverizing industry.

Scope Of Application

Cement Industry

Coal Industry

Slag Grinding

Desulphurization Industry

Introduction To Complete Machine Structure And Working Process

Complete Machine Structure
Working process

Introduction To Main Unit Structure And Working Process

  • Raw material
  • Air lock rotary feeder
  • Wind ring
  • Lower housing
  • Main motor
  • Gear box
  • Product
  • Separator
  • Rocker
  • When in repair
  • Oil jack
  • Limit device

The mill roller is driven by the electrical motor through an electrical motor and the material will be fed to the center of the disk from the feeding port via an air- locking feeder and meanwhile the hot- blast air will be blown into the mill through the air inlet. Along with the rotation of the mill disk, the materials will move to the edge of the disk under the action of centrifugal force and grinded and crushed by a grinding roller when they pass through the circular groove on the disk. The crushed materials will be blown up by the vane at a high speed at the edge and the large- sized particles will fall onto the disk to be re-pulverized. The qualified fine particles will be grinded out along with the airflow and the finished products will collected by a dust collecting device. The materials which contain moisture will be dried when they are contacting with the hot airflow. The product can meet the requirements on the materials in different humidity by regulating the hot- blast temperatures as to obtain the moisture and the degree of thickness required by different products can be achieved by regulating the separator.

Technical Advantage


Small Floor Space and Low Investment

LM covers a half area of the ball mill, and it can be placed in the open air which therefore is able to greatly reduce the investment costs.


Low Operating Costs

Vertical Roller Mill save 30%-40% energy consumption than ball mill. And benefit from its sleeves, it can save lots of cost that caused by wear parts.


Efficient Pulverizing

Pulverizing power will be increased through pressurizing the hydraulic pressure so as to increase the pulverizing yield and improving pulverizing efficiency.


Strong Drying Ability

Featuring strong drying ability and a maximal feeding moisture of 15%.


Stable Quality

The product grain size and chemical composition can be easily detected and controlled due to ...


Easy Maintenance

Losses arouse from the shut down of the machine will be reduced and the labor costs will also be saved through hauling oil cylinder.


High Precision of Powder Concentration

Both cage-type powder concentrator and cone rotor powder concentrator.

Main Technical Parameters

NOTE:Capacity is according to the medium hard limestone.The size,humidity level and characters of matericalswill influence the capacity.

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