Carbon black grinding production line equipment vertical grinding mill


The vertical roller mill produced by SBM Heavy Machinery Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can grind carbon black materials into powder products. SBM heavy machine independently developed R-type vertical roller mill grinding machine, HD series high-efficiency vertical roller mill grinding machine and other types of machines can grind materials to 80-600 mesh fineness, machine grinding has high output, low energy consumption, environmental protection, resistance Grinding and other characteristics; ultra-fine grinding machine with high output, low energy consumption, high product fineness, high safety and reliability, clean, environmental protection and other technical advantages. When processing carbon black, if you want to process carbon black into ordinary powder, you can use R series Raymond vertical roller mill. If you want to get high-fine carbon black, you can use ultra-fine vertical roller mill powder. Machine or MR micro-grinding, so that the processed powder is more valuable in the carbon black market. In carbon black grinding powder, some carbon black raw materials contain a certain amount of impurities, such as iron. In order to obtain high-quality products, SBM heavy machine is equipped with corresponding magnetic separation equipment according to customer's needs. After magnetic separation, it will be greatly The purity of the carbon black is increased, and then it is ground into a vertical roller mill to obtain a high quality carbon black product.

The material is crushed by the crusher to less than 10mm, and is sent to the silo by the hoist, then quantitatively fed by the screw feeder, and evenly sent into the main machine for grinding. At the same time, the high-pressure and large-flow airflow generated by the fan air-inducing system mixes the pulverized powder into a high-concentration airflow to enter the classifier on the upper part of the main machine for sorting. The fine particles whose fineness does not reach the finished particle size fall back into the main machine for grinding. The fineness reaches the particle size of the finished product and enters the pulse collection system with the gas flow. The discharged product is discharged into the product through the material tube, and the purified air flow flows through the pipeline at the upper end of the pulse system. The fan is discharged into the atmosphere, the entire air delivery system is open circuit, the system airflow flows under negative pressure, and the workshop is environmentally friendly.

Performance characteristics of carbon black vertical roller mill: 1, stable and reliable performance, wear-resistant parts, convenient replacement; 2, fineness adjustment, according to different applications, the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted by adjusting the powder separator; Adjusted the configuration of the blade and the air duct, greatly improving the grinding efficiency, increasing the air volume and increasing the output; 4. The carbon black vertical grinding mill adopts pulse dust removal equipment to reduce dust pollution and higher waste collection efficiency; The curved inspection port ensures that the inspection is safe and reliable and does not affect the air volume.

SBM heavy machine is the leading enterprise in the field of vertical roller mill grinding machine. The company has a large production scale, a professional technical group, exquisite production technology, and good quality of vertical roller mill grinding machine, which is very popular in the powder processing market. The SBM heavy-duty vertical roller mill classifier uses a forced turbine classifier to extend the particle size range from the original 80-325 mesh range to the 80-600 mesh range. The grading interval is large and the precision is high. The output is increased by more than 40% year-on-year, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is a true high-efficiency energy-saving vertical roller mill product.

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