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Processing calcite machinery equipment factory vertical roller mill grinding machine manufacturers which is good

Processing calcite mechanical equipment factory, calcite powder production equipment? Calcite vertical roller mill grinding machine manufacturers which is good? Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, which is more common in natural calcium carbonate, is a widely distributed mineral, application The wider field is the papermaking process. The calcite crusher and calcite vertical roller mill introduced by our company are processing equipment developed and produced specifically for calcite processing. The calcite is processed into powder, which can be used for artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, Daily chemical industry such as paper, paint, paint, ink, cable, construction supplies, food, medicine, textile, feed, toothpaste, etc.

In the calcite papermaking industry, one of the more important aspects is the grinding of limestone, calcite and other raw materials. Compared to traditional papermaking technology, this “stone paper” production process does not require water, nor does it produce waste gas, waste water and other hazardous waste. The main process is to use a professional limestone vertical roller mill to process limestone, calcite, marble, etc. into a certain fineness powder, and then mix the stone powder with polyethylene and glue through a special process. It can replace about 60% of wood pulp and straw pulp paper, which has great economic value and social significance. At present, the use of the paper has covered the market and has been well developed. For the limestone vertical roller mill industry Is a good opportunity and challenge. At present, China's technology of using calcium carbonate papermaking technology has become increasingly mature. This process will not cause environmental pollution, alleviate the current problems of waste of resources in the papermaking industry and serious environmental pollution in China, and create huge economic and social benefits for the country and society. . It will also bring a market economy to the development of vertical roller mill manufacturers.

Advantages of SBM heavy machine vertical roller mill equipment:

The calcite vertical roller mill conical grinding roller has an inclination angle to the grinding disc. The grinding roller is mainly rolling friction in the grinding grinding process, while the rolling resistance of the large diameter grinding disc is small, so the unit energy consumption is low. The composite roller sleeve has good processability and weldability and long service life. The crank arm is loaded, and the swinging arm that is responsible for fixing and guiding the grinding roller is located outside the cylinder of the vertical roller mill.

The calcite vertical roller mill powder abrasive layer is only 20-30mm, and the particles are easily crushed, so the energy consumption is low and the efficiency is high. The annular nozzle around the grinding disc is specially designed to reduce the ventilation resistance of the nozzle to prevent the nozzle from blowing upwards to cause air abrasion on the grinding roller and other parts. For the ore powder vertical roller mill, the annular nozzle is provided with a bypass device to make the iron piece The discharge chute that has no air flow is separated and then removed by the metal separator to reduce the wear of the internal parts of the vertical roller mill to a small extent.

For different capacity requirements, design different sizes and quantities of grinding rolls, including auxiliary rolls to enhance the stability of the bed, 2+2 (3 + 3) form of the grinding roll design is more suitable for grinding calcite.

The design of the spring-loaded system buffer of the calcite vertical roller mill liquid-gas combination makes the metal parts of the vertical roller mill have no metallic contact during the whole operation.

Calcite vertical roller mill has advanced concept of grinding machine, simple process and small installed capacity. Grinding ultra-fine mineral powder can save 45-60% of electric energy compared with traditional tube grinding system, and grinding cement can save 35-40 % of electricity.

  • 1. The grinding roller has low running resistance and low energy consumption.
  • 2, horizontal grinding disc, center cutting, uniform cloth
  • 3, targeted design
  • 4, a better loading system
  • 5, the energy saving effect is more obvious

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