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Activated carbon is an amorphous carbon obtained after processing, more than 80%-90% composed of carbon elements, with a large specific surface area, and has a good adsorption capacity for gases, inorganic or organic substances in solution and colloidal particles. Activated carbon is a hydrophobic adsorbent prepared by high-temperature carbonization and activation of carbon-containing substances as raw materials. Activated carbon contains a large number of micropores, which can effectively remove color, odor, can remove most organic pollutants and some inorganic substances in water, and contains some toxic heavy metals.

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Activated carbon grinding process

The activated carbon milling process is generally divided into two types: activated carbon fine powder processing (20 mesh-400 mesh) and ultrafine powder deep processing of activated carbon (400 mesh-3250 mesh).
Stage 1: Crushing
The activated carbon bulk material is crushed by the crusher to the fineness of the feed (15mm-50mm) that can enter the mill.
Stage 2: Milling
The crushed small pieces of activated carbon are sent to the silo by the elevator, and then sent to the mill grinding chamber for grinding evenly and quantitatively by the vibrating feeder.Fine powder processing can choose LM vertical mill, MTW European mill, 5X European intelligent mill; The ultrafine powder processing generally adopts LUM ultra-fine vertical mill, MW ring roller micro-powder mill.
Stage 3: Grading
The crushed quicklime powder is graded by the classifier, and the unqualified powder is returned to the main mill for re-grinding after being graded by the classifier.
Stage 4: Powder collection
The powder that conforms to the fineness enters the dust collector with the air flow through the pipeline for separation and collection, and the collected finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveyor through the finished powder outlet, and then packaged by a powder loading tanker or automatic baler.


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