Ultra-fine grinding of common faults and its solutions

Ultra-fine grinding of common faults and its solutions

Ultra-fine grinding common fault one: the temperature on the transmission equipment and the analysis engine crusher manufacturer's fuel tank is rising.

Reasons: 1: The oil has a large viscosity and the oil layer is thick. The screw pump oil cannot add extra upper bearings, which makes the bearings lack oil.

Treatment: Check the grade and viscosity of the oil regardless of whether the oil found meets the requirements. Check the operation of the analyzer. Typical failure of ultra-fine grinding 2: grinding mill rod, bearing is broken.

Reason: 1: Is oil really good enough, even if the seal is broken, 2: long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning

Treatment method: 1: In the time specified, the oil must be replenished in time. 2: Ordinary cleaning, replace the oil seal.

Ultra-fine grinding common fault three: important engines develop significant noise and have greater vibration.

Reasons: 1: The feeding material is obviously reduced, the blade is seriously worn, and the anchor bolts are loose. Vibrating feeder. : 2: The product is difficult, has a huge impact, or has a supply layer. Grinding rolls and grinding rings, usually not round, are really severely deformed. Mobile crusher.

Treatment: 1: In the ultra-fine grinding of the feed assembly, and replace the number of new blade adjustments. : 2: Replace the size of the incoming pellets. 3: Replace the grinding rod and the grinding ring.

Typical failure of ultra-fine grinding 4: Ultra-fine grinding key engine power is increasing continuously. As the machine temperature heats the air circulation, the internal temperature of the machine continues to increase, and the fan is currently descending, the jaw crusher.

Purpose: 1: The material is extreme, the air duct, the exhaust pipe blocking the powder is free of charge, the circulating airflow is hot, the main, mainly from the recent temperature in inches.

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