The social background of limestone desulfurization

China is a coal-based energy country. In the future for a long period of time, the power industry in the coal-based energy structure will not change, let alone reduce coal consumption. Power plant uses coal as the main fuel for power generation, and the combustion of coal invariably releases a large number of SO2, resulting in atmospheric pollution. With the installed capacity increasing, SO2 emission is also increasing SO2 emission will become the main reason for the global warming and the greenhouse effect, so it is important and urgent to control SO2 emission in power plants.


"Eleventh Five-Year" proposed to increase environmental protection efforts. It requires comprehensively managing environment in large- and medium-sized cities, strengthening industrial pollution prevention and control, speeding up SO2 governance in the coal-fired power plants, controlling greenhouse gas emissions and properly treating domestic waste and hazardous waste. Therefore, reducing sulfur pollution is an important issue of environmental protection.

In order to meet the needs of the power industry desulfurization and dust removal, the company newly developed the equipment for production of desulfurization limestone powder. Desulfurization crusher has become the preferred equipment for desulfurization limestone powder processing plant because of large output and high efficiency. With many years of rich experience and high design level accumulated in the building materials industry, new areas are opened up in the power plant desulfurization limestone crushing projects. And the cooperation with Datang, to the Union, Shendong and other companies fully proves that we already had a strong strength and are the first company to enter the field of China's power industry environmental protection.

SBM uses the technology of flue gas desulfurization dry limestone, and carries out the policy of "saving investment, reliable production, easy operation, advanced technology, meeting the environmental protection and improving efficiency" and makes contribution to the desulphurization and superfine limestone crushing projects of power plants.

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