Application of Shibang New Compound Crusher in Desulphurization and Compound Fertilizer Industry

Recently, the world's new composite crusher (also known as high-performance pre-mill) caused by desulfurization and chemical industry concerns, the reason, nothing less than excellent quality equipment, especially in the limestone grinding limestone and compound fertilizer broken effect is significant.

State of the new composite crusher, also known as high-performance pre-mill, the Shanghai World Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. integrated domestic and foreign high-performance pre-mill technology, the main technical parameters optimized design and development of new crushing, coarse grinding products, mainly It is used in various non-metal mine raw materials, such as loose iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, lump coal and other medium hard ore superfine crushing, cement plants, mines, power plants and other enterprises technological transformation or new production lines Of the ultra-fine broken ideal equipment.

The new compound crusher is also suitable for the crushing of lumps in the compound fertilizer production. It is widely used in the chemical industry and building material industry. The machine adopts the high-strength wear-resistant cemented carbide chain plate with the synchronous speed in the process of crushing, , Not easy to stick wall, easy to clean. It adopts vertical structure, grading broken, simple structure, convenient operation, low energy consumption, little dust, no sieve plate, overcoming the jamming phenomenon. The hammer adopts hinge structure, easy to change, hammer and liner are high alloy resistant Grinding material, with high strength and high wear resistance, long service life.

The market is a touchstone. State of the new composite crusher (also known as pre-mill) has been in Xinjiang Huaneng Industrial Co., Ltd. desulfurization project applications, the device with its good milling effect desulfurization industry by the recognition. At present, the equipment for compound fertilizer broken in good results, favored by the chemical industry. Ebb Tide, who left the king, withstood the test of the market wave of the new state complex crusher is widely used in desulfurization, chemical industry, a new era of multi-functional crushing equipment, establish industry benchmark.

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