The mechanical iron-free grinding and crushing system was successfully developed

Recently, a revolutionary new product that can change the status quo of raw material production and use - iron-free grinding and crushing system is about to be successfully launched in Zibo.

After more than three years of research and development, the iron-free grinding and crushing system has undergone tens of thousands of experiments, and finally realized the function of solving multiple technical difficulties across industries. The system, especially in the grinding process, took nearly a year to develop the equipment lining, experienced thousands of experiments, and consulted a number of well-known experts in the industry, and finally determined to use a special material unique to the ceramic industry, which is a cross-industry idea to subvert reverse research and development.

The iron-free grinding and crushing system offers the following ten advantages:

1, it can realize the introduction of no mechanical iron in the whole crushing process, reduce the process of iron removal and other subsequent operations, realize energy saving and consumption reduction, reduce the cost of electricity, manpower, etc., and greatly increase production efficiency;

2, the standardized production of raw materials can be achieved, and bagging and transportation can be realized during transportation, reducing the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution;

3, due to the use of special ceramic core, the criticism that metal parts are not wear-resistant is completely solved, and the inner core can be replaced simply and easily;

4, through high-speed operation, the material is transmitted by cutting and transmitting high-speed collision and the wall of the grinding wall, as well as the friction between the materials, which produces a great crushing effect, greatly improves the grinding time and reduces the cost;

5. Because ceramic parts are made of special materials, they have wear resistance and high temperature resistance, which can make the service life of the components longer and make the equipment maintenance rate lower;

6. The machine operation compartment is in a negative pressure state, and there is absolutely no dust leakage, which ensures the loss of production links and raw materials;

7. The whole equipment realizes automatic speed regulation numerical control, users can easily customize the details, whether it is in the mine, or used in the ceramic factory, can be easily mastered;

8. Recycling broken tile waste for grinding can be reused, and the quality of the tile itself is improved;

9. High efficiency, energy saving, simple and flexible operation, can be used separately in mines and ceramic factories, at the same time, reduce the equipment in other processes, save materials, electricity and other comprehensive costs;

10. Cost-effective, more than 100,000 yuan of entry-level equipment can enable ceramic factories to reduce the dark diseases of the post-sequence process and increase the quality of products, which is a new trend in the development of the ceramic industry;

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