Marble grinding mill

Introduction to marble mill

Marble mill is a kind of equipment used for marble grinding machine. It adopts innovative technology at home and abroad, combined with marble properties and powder design. It has simple structure, flexible operation, small size, low cost, good quality and less failure. It has no pollution, and the marble after grinding can be used as a filler for coatings, plastics, etc. It can also be used to make stone powder, artificial stone, stone rice and so on.

The design of the marble mill effectively solves the problems of serious waste of marble scraps and difficult handling, and has made outstanding contributions to China's environmental protection and resource recycling, attracting many investors to join. There are many domestic marble mill manufacturers, basically more than 1,000, then how about the price of marble mill? Which manufacturer's equipment price is more cost-effective? The following is for everyone to introduce.

Marble mill price analysis

What is the price of the marble mill? How much is it to sell? First of all, what are the factors that affect the price of the equipment? Usually, equipment quality, production volume, sales form, market competition, etc. will cause price changes, as detailed below:

1. Equipment quality

Equipment quality is a major and direct factor affecting the price of marble mills. We all know that good quality equipment uses better manufacturing materials, more meticulous workmanship, and higher technical level, so the cost is more expensive, so the price will be more expensive. However, at the same time, high-quality equipment has a long service life and few failures, and the benefits are significant in the later stage. On the contrary, the equipment with quality problems, although the price is low, the use process will cause many unnecessary troubles for the customer, costing a lot of maintenance costs, and the purchase and use are not cost-effective. .

2, the level of production

The output of the equipment is high or low, which is suitable for investment users of different scales and production requirements. Generally speaking, the higher the output, the larger the volume and the higher the price, the greater the profit margin in the later stage, which is more suitable for Large-scale enterprises; on the contrary, equipment with low output, the price will be cheaper, more suitable for small-scale enterprises, customers can choose according to the actual.

3. Sales form

Manufacturers sell different types of equipment, equipment prices will also be different, for example, direct-selling manufacturers will be cheaper than the same quality equipment, and other types of equipment; in addition, the price of online sales equipment will be lower than the offline price, because the former saves A part of the cost of labor, venues, etc., so it is significantly reflected in the price.

4. Market competition

The market competition among enterprises will also affect the high and low price changes of equipment. The more manufacturers and the more competitive cities, the lower the price level of equipment, such as Henan, and vice versa, the small number of enterprises and the weak competition situation. The overall price level is high, which is a natural market law, and customers must have a certain understanding.

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