Gypsum Powder Making Machine

Gypsum powder is usually white or colorless, and is one of the five major gel materials. It is an important industrial raw material in many application fields such as industrial molds and art models, chemical industry, agriculture, food additive industry and medical beauty.

How is gypsum powder produced? Usually, the gypsum powder production line includes crushing system, grinding system, calcining system, material storage and conveying system and electric control system, among which crushing system and grinding system are two important steps.

1. Crushing system: The gypsum raw material enters the crusher through the feeder, and the crusher crushes the large-sized gypsum ore into small particles less than 30mm for use. According to the size of gypsum raw materials and different output requirements, crushers of corresponding specifications can be selected, usually jaw crushers, hammer crushers or impact crushers. In order to protect the environment clean, it can be equipped with dust removal equipment to meet the environmental emission requirements.

2. Grinding system: The materials are fed into the mill evenly and continuously through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding. The ground gypsum raw powder is blown out by the air flow blown by the mill blower, and is classified by the analyzer above the main machine. The powder with the fineness that meets the specifications enters the large cyclone collector with the wind flow, and is discharged through the powder outlet pipe to be the finished product. The finished product falls into the screw conveyor and is transported to the next system for calcination. The entire air duct system is closed and circulated, and the bag filter is introduced from the pipeline between the large cyclone collector and the blower to remove the dust in the air, and then discharged into the environment to ensure a clean environment. The material passing through the grinding system is changed from 0 to 30 mm in particle size to 80 to 120 mesh, which meets the fineness requirements of gypsum powder.

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