Different applications of heavy calcium, light calcium, nano calcium in rubber

1. Heavy calcium

Heavy calcium carbonate is mainly used as a filler in the rubber industry, and can also be used as a colorant, release agent and release agent. The mixing and processing performance of heavy calcium carbonate and rubber is good, can increase the stiffness of the rubber material, does not delay vulcanization, and the price is low, suitable for heels, soles, floors, hoses and molded, extruded and foamed rubber products.

2. Light calcium

Lightweight calcium carbonate has semi-reinforcing properties and is mainly used as a white reinforcing filler for rubber. Light calcium carbonate is easy to disperse in the rubber, which can improve the tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance of the rubber, and its physical properties are slightly better than that of heavy calcium carbonate rubber. Light calcium carbonate is widely used in rubber products, commonly used in conveyor belts, hoses, rubber plates, adhesive tapes, rubber shoes and medical rubber products.

3. Nano calcium

Modified nano-calcium carbonate (surface composite treatment with coupling agent and other polymer materials), used in the addition of rubber products, can meet the requirements of "reinforceability, compatibility, processability" three elements, can completely replace semi-reinforcing agents (hard clay, talc, etc.), and even partially replace high-ratio table reinforcing agents (carbon black, silica, etc.); In addition, when used as a dispersion auxiliary, it can effectively improve the blendability of ultrafine particles such as carbon black or silica, improve the dispersion state of rubber reinforcing agent, reduce the amount of expensive rubber additives such as silane coupling agent, and its higher filling amount also reduces the amount of rubber, helping to reduce costs, and at the same time can shorten the vulcanization time of rubber, with better economic benefits.

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