Coal Pulverizer Manufacturers In India

India has a significant demand for coal pulverizers, given the country's extensive reliance on coal for power generation and other industrial applications. Several manufacturers offer coal pulverizers in India, SBM is one of a famous coal pulverizer manufacturers in India, we have many customers who have set up coal production plants in India and we can arrange you to visit the sample line.

Coal Pulverizer

A coal pulverizer, also known as a coal mill, is a machine used to pulverize coal into fine particles for combustion in the steam-generating furnaces of coal-fired power plants. The pulverized coal serves as fuel for the boilers to generate steam, which in turn drives turbines to produce electricity.

The primary function of a coal pulverizer is to grind the coal into a fine powder, typically 70% passing through a 200-mesh sieve. This ensures that the coal particles are sufficiently small and evenly distributed for efficient combustion.

Coal mill structure and working principle

Coal pulverizers typically consist of a rotating drum or bowl in which coal is fed into the center or side of the mill. As the drum or bowl rotates, the coal is crushed between the grinding elements (such as grinding balls or rollers) and the stationary outer surface. The grinding elements exert force and pressure on the coal, reducing it to the desired fineness.

  • Feed System: This consists of a feed pipe through which the raw coal is introduced into the pulverizer.
  • Grinding Mechanism: This is the core part of the pulverizer. It might be a ball mill, vertical roller mill, or other specific type of milling machine, that crushes and grinds the large coal pieces into fine powder.
  • Classifier: After grinding, the coal gets separated based on particle size. The finer coal particles are taken with the air flow to the furnace, while larger particles return to be ground again.
  • Exhauster: A fan helps in driving the smaller pulverized coal particles into the combustion chamber of the furnace.
  • Coal-Pipe Distributors: These ensure that pulverized coal gets distributed evenly among all the burner lines leading to the furnace.
  • Drying Component: Often integrated within the pulverizer, it ensures that moisture content in the coal is minimized before it is burned. This is crucial because wet coal won't burn efficiently.

Coal Pulverizer Benefits

  • Improved Combustion Efficiency: Pulverized coal provides a much larger surface area for combustion. This means faster, more efficient burning and hence better boiler efficiency.
  • Reduced Emissions: A more efficient burn from pulverized coal leads to lower emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.
  • Consistent Particle Size: Pulverizers help achieve a uniform particle size, which is important for efficient combustion.


  • Wear and Tear: Coal pulverizers experience significant wear and tear, which can impact their efficiency. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts is necessary.
  • Coal Quality: The efficiency and lifespan of a pulverizer can be affected by the quality and characteristics of the coal being used.
  • Operational Challenges: Operational issues like coal hang-ups can occur, especially with very wet coal.
  • Given the critical role coal pulverizers play in the efficient operation of a coal-fired power plant, regular maintenance, efficient operation, and timely upgrades are crucial.

When choosing a manufacturer, factors like the specific needs of your project, budget constraints, the reputation of the manufacturer, after-sales service, and the technology employed in the pulverizers are essential considerations. Before finalizing a deal, it's also wise to visit the manufacturing facility, if feasible, or at least speak to current customers of the manufacturer to get feedback on the product's performance and durability.

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