Analysis of the use of Raymond mill

Analysis of the use of Raymond mill

What should we pay attention to when using raymond mill, what should we do? I believe this is the common concern of users of Raymond Mills. Here, combined with our company's many years of production experience, SBM Heavy Industry is here.

Analyze the use of Raymond mill:

1. Timely lubrication of Raymond mill and related equipment

2. When using the Raymond mill, it is strictly forbidden to use metal ore to enter the main body to avoid damage to the grinding ring.

3. When feeding the main unit, the feed should be even, too much may block the air passage and reduce the output.

4. Precautions for air volume adjustment: The air volume is small and the fineness is high, but it should be noted that the air volume is too small, and the main air duct is easy to precipitate materials.

5. According to the size of the material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, processing requirements, the analyzer should be properly adjusted. The working principle of Raymond mill equipment produced by our company is roughly the same. Next, we will introduce the working process of ultra-fine pulverization, vertical coal mill, lime mill and other milling equipment:

After coarsely grinding the material with a jaw crusher equipped with grinding equipment, it is sent to a bucket elevator, then falls into the feed hopper and is fed into the lower part of the mill through the feed hopper. The feeder rises in the tangential direction. The material to be ground is sorted by a classifier provided in the grinder, the coarse particles are dropped and then ground, and the fine particles are collected into the finished product through a collector. The system can supply hot air and the SBM heavy plant can be used as a grinding dryer. In combination, the moisture content of the raw materials can reach 10% to 12%, and the moisture of the product is close to zero.

The grinding equipment of Raymond mill has the advantages of stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption and adjustable product fineness.

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