Pulverized coal



Particle properties of pulverized coal are made of different sizes, irregularly shaped particles composed of flour, generally pulverized coal particle diameter range 0-1000um, most of the particles 20-50um; the less dense pulverized coal density, new polished pulverized coal bulk density had about (0.45-0.5) t / m3, stored after a certain time a bulk density (0.8-0.9) t / m3; pulverized coal particles having fluidity very fine, per unit mass of pulverized coal with more large surface area, the surface can absorb a lot of air, so that it has fluidity. This feature enables easy pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal, pulverized coal gravity disadvantage is easy to form and easy to leakage of powder when the device is not tight.

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Pulverized coal grinding process

1. Mineral processing, bulk material from the crusher, For the primary crusher;
2. Materials after primary crushing, transferred to impact crusher or cone crusher for secondary crusher;
3. After post-secondary crusher and material, to meet the requirements, The material transfer have mill for grinding flour, failed The material has a belt conveyor wandering around twelve crushing process, Until compliance with the requirements then there were flour mill;
4. The final production of the finished materials deposited by the appropriate local party custody;


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