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Petroleum coke (PETroleum coke) is a product converted into a product after crude oil is distilled to separate light and heavy oil, and then the heavy oil is converted by hot cracking, which is the "waste" at the end of the petroleum refining process. According to different forms, it can be divided into four types: needle coke, projectile coke or spherical coke, sponge coke and powder coke. So far, petroleum coke has not been included in the national energy series, and the national energy consumption statistical caliber has not been included in the energy consumption index, and replacing heavy oil with petroleum coke as fuel is also a good way to apply new energy, and it also responds to national policies.

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Petroleum coke processing technology

1.Crushing stage: the bulk material is crushed by the crusher to the fineness of the feed that can enter the mill (15mm-50mm)
2.Milling stage: small pieces of material that meet the grinding conditions enter the mill grinding chamber evenly and quantitatively through the conveying and feeding system, and grind into powder in the grinding chamber.
3.Grading stage: the grinding material is graded by the classifier with the system airflow, and the unqualified powder is graded by the classifier and returned to the main machine grinding chamber for regrinding.
4.Powder collection stage: the powder that conforms to the fineness enters the powder collection system through the pipeline with the air flow, the gas powder is separated, and the finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device, and then packaged by a powder loading tanker or automatic baler.


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