Barite is a kind of important Ba-mineral, with high specific gravity(4.3-4.7) and low hardness(3-3.5). Its chemical property is stable, insoluble in water. It can be used as white paint, as well as industrial sectors such as chemical engineering, paper making, weave padding ,etc. In glass production, it is used as fluxing agent which can increase the radiance of glass. 80% -90% of its application is for oil drilling mud weighting agent.

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Barite Processing Plant

1. Big barite stone will be crushed to smaller size by small jaw crusher or impact crusher, which is suitable to the mill inlet;
2. After crushing, the suitable stone size will be transported to MTW ,MTM or LM grinding mill;
3. Barite powder is grinded in the grinding mill. The qualified powder will be collected after classifying, the unqualified powder will be sent back for regrinding.
4. Packing and storage for finished powder.


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Chemical industry




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