Project location: Vietnam

Equipment: LM130M complete system

Input material: Bituminous coal

Yield: 15t/h

Date of put into production: October 2015

Customer information

The customer is a local well-known non-metallic ore supply company in Vietnam, with very high popularity and was very cautious all along from the selection of manufacturers to project negotiation. After on-the-spot investigating, SBM obtained trust from the customer by virtue of its strong brand and scale advantages, finally two sides achieved cooperation.

Project overview

The LM130M coal mill complete system are an overall production line scheme independently designed by SBM R&D center project team and jointly completed by professional service engineer team such as installation and debugging, according to the actual situations of local lime kiln fuel demands and project detail. In addition to the unique advantages of SBM LM vertical grinding mill, the general contracting service and short project cycle are more even important factors to attractive customers.

Project advantages

1. General contracting service

General project contracting service includes on-site topographic reconnaissance and other environmental investigating, production line process designing, raw material testing, finished product requirement analysis, customer investment cost budget, equipment installation and debugging, etc. The successful implementation of Vietnam coal mill project shows that the general contracting service of SBM has been mature.

2. Short project cycle

The whole project only took five months from receiving the order to final completion of installation and debugging because the customer had a very urgent requirement for the project delivery. After receiving the order, SBM prepared production immediately, with the overtime work of workshop workers and the long distances travel to Vietnam of installation engineers, field foundation making, installing and debugging, the project was finally completed in advance in October. The short cycle relied on SBM’s professional and efficient management team especially a high-quality installation and after-sales department, production system, and experienced project coordination capability.

Production line process flow

Firstly, the raw coal is lifted by the hoisting machine to the distributing conveyer at the top of the raw coal silo after conveyed by the charging conveyer to the crusher for crushing, and then fed into LM130M vertical mill by the quantitative weighing belt conveyor through the air-locking feed valve. Next, the material enters into the special explosion-proof pulsed dust collector of the vertical mill for collecting of finished product coal fines after selecting powder by the dynamic and static separator. Lastly, the collected finished product coal fines are conveyed by silo pump pneumatic conveying system to the middle storage silo and conveyed to lime shaft kiln as fuel when necessary.

Meanwhile, in order to meet the requirements of customers for safety and environmental protection, the system is equipped with pulsed dust collector to guarantee the effect of dust removing, and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, nitrogen gas explosion protection system and explosion valve. What’s more, there is also equipped with oxygen analyzer, gas detection instruments, various sensors and other automatic control accessories, which can timely and effectively prevent from the safety accidents and guarantee the continuity running time of the equipment to maximum.

Brief summary

The success of the Vietnam LM130M coal mill complete system benefits from the concept of SBM that it always takes customers' interests as the basic starting point and the powerful production and service system. The case also verified the strength of SBM that it can still keep such good sale under the tough economic situation.

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