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Through 30 years’ development, SBM has 22 overseas offices or branches built around the world with its products exported to more than
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Large non-metallic mineral milling project

China has a variety of non-metallic mineral resources which are distributed all around. Through processing and grinding, a large number of non-metallic mineral powders can be used in various industries, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical engineering, mining, paper, ceramics, plastics, composites, rubber and coatings, etc.
The use of non-metallic minerals mainly depends on how they are processed. The processing technologies often include ultra-fine grinding, ultra-fine classification, fine purification and surface modification. Among them, effective ultra-fine grinding is the premise and guarantee of deep processing.
On the basis of combining modern technologies, market demands with accumulated production experience, SBM has pushed out multiple series of large grinding mills which are suitable for grinding and classification of various non-metallic minerals.