Industrial waste, such as steel slag, water slag and coal slag, is known as “misplaced raw materials”. Industrial waste will endanger the natural environment and human health. On the other hand, most of the industrial waste residues are reusable resources.

As a professional manufacturer of powder equipment, SBM, with its rich experience in process design and equipment manufacturing, puts forward the overall solution of slag powder preparation, which not only makes all kinds of industrial solid waste recyclable, but also conforms to the development trend of energy saving and environmental protection in cement, steel and metallurgical industries, and provides gold for enterprises. It belongs to the recovery scheme and the preparation scheme of slag powder, and comprehensive utilization is the best utilization of waste slag. The scheme has become the best choice for customers in iron and steel enterprises, concrete mixing stations and non-ferrous metallurgical industries.

Technological Process

(1) Grinding Stage:
Dry the wet slag first, and then feed it into the main grinding room for grinding. The fine powder after grinding is classified by the analyzer under the action of the air flow of the fan, and the qualified fine powder enters the collecting stage.
(2) Collecting Stage:
The fine powder with qualified fineness enters the pulse dust collector. It is separated and falls directly into the bottom of the ash hopper. Residual dusty gas enters the bag filter area. With the extension of filtering time, all the dust will fall into the ash bucket, collect and discharge centrally.
(3) Conveying Stage:
The slag powder is sent from screw conveyor to plate chain elevator, and then into finished material tank. After collecting, the finished product is stored in the finished product tank, and the clean gas is discharged.
(4) Finished Product Stage:
The slag powder obtained from the powder can be directly sent to the customer for on-site use without additional downstream processing procedures.

Powder Requirements

(1) Used for recovering metals

Production Fineness: S95

Zinc-germanium slag and matte slag can be used to recover metals.

(2) Slag powder supply to cement plant or mixing station

Production Fineness: S105

Steel slag, water slag, manganese slag, nickel-iron and coal slag can be used as admixtures for concrete mixing station after grinding.

The Main Uses:

1) Direct mixing of slag and Portland cement in a certain proportion in cement production can improve the performance of cement and reduce production costs and energy consumption. The amount of water slag in slag and Portland cement is 20%-70% by weight.

2) In ready-mixed concrete and cement products, some cement can be substituted or super-substituted in medium amount. As cementitious materials, concrete and mortar can be directly mixed to improve their working performance.

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