Coal is an important energy source around the world. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, electric power, heating, boiler and other industries.

It is used to produce clean coal powder, activated carbon, humic acid and so on. Clean and efficient utilization of coal has been officially listed in the Plan, and there is a broad prospect for further coal processing in the future.

Technological Process

Pulverized coal to 150-200mesh and sprayed into the furnace can burn more fully. Impurities can be effectively removed in the grinding process, and the burnout rate is higher.
(1) Grinding Stage:
Moist coal should be dried first, and then sent to the main grinding room for grinding. The fine powder after grinding is classified by the analyzer under the action of the air flow of the fan, and the qualified fine powder enters the collection stage through the air outlet pipeline.
(2) Collecting Stage:
The fine powder with qualified fineness enters the pulse dust collector. It is separated by inertia force and falls into the bottom of the ash bucket. Residual dusty gas enters the bag filter area. With the extension of filtering time, dust will accumulate on the surface of the bag. The solenoid valve will flush compressed air into the bag quickly, shake down the dust on the surface of the bag, and all the dust will fall into the ash bucket, collect and discharge centrally.
(3) Conveying Stage:
The finished pulverized coal collected by dust collector is sent from screw conveyor to plate chain hoist, and then into finished material tank. The dust gas in the tank is collected by the top dust collector, the finished product is stored, and the clean gas is discharged.
(4) Finished Product Stage:
The pulverized coal obtained from the powder can be directly sent to the customer for on-site use without additional downstream processing procedures.

Powder Requirements

(1) Production of Clean Pulverized Coal for Boiler Combustion Heating and Power Supply

Suitable types: bituminous coal, anthracite, blue carbon, etc.

Advantages: The production of clean pulverized coal for boiler combustion, heating and power supply improves the operation efficiency of small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers to 80%. It can reduce the emission of harmful gases and dust, achieve the national energy saving and emission reduction standards, and at the same time, it can increase the benefits of enterprises.

Fineness: 200mesh, D80-90, according to the requirement of back end combustion

(2) Production of Humic Acid Fertilizer for Agriculture

Suitable types: Lignite, weathered coal, peat, etc.

Advantages: Humic acid fertilizer has the advantages of improving soil, improving crop production and avoiding soil consolidation. It is a kind of “green environmental protection” high-tech fertilizer, which realizes the efficient utilization of coal. In recent years, the series of humic acid products are increasing day by day, which are exported to foreign countries and create tremendous value for enterprises.

Fineness: 100mesh

(3) Production of Coal Activated Carbon for Chemical Industry

Suitable types: Bituminous coal, anthracite, etc

Advantages: Coal-based activated carbon is widely used in deep purification of drinking water, industrial water and wastewater because of its reasonable pore structure, good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy regeneration and low cost.

Fineness: 200-325mesh, fineness varies according to process requirements

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High efficiency pulverized coal industrial boiler system mainly includes 11 integrated equipment units(stations), namely pulverized coal storage and supply unit, burner unit, boiler body unit, dust removal unit, desulfurization unit, thermal unit, ignition oil and gas station, inert gas protection station, compressed air station, fly ash collection and storage unit and measurement and control unit.

Closed tank trucks from pulverized coal processing plants inject pulverized coal that meets the quality standards into the pulverized coal tower. The pulverized coal in the tower is fed into the pulverized coal burner by the feeder and the air-pulverized mixture pipeline after entering the intermediate metering bin as required. The high temperature flue gas produced by pulverized coal combustion in the boiler furnace completes radiation and convection heat transfer, and then enters the bag filter and desulfurization device. The clean flue gas discharged by the dust collector is discharged into the atmosphere through the induced draft fan, and the fly ash collected by the dust collector is discharged through the closed system for centralized treatment and utilization. The operation of the boiler system is accomplished by the ignition program controller and the upper computer monitoring system.

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