The Application of Calcium Powder in Asphalt and Concrete

Brief Introduction

Recent years, most of the domestic mine crushing and industrial sand making plants produce a large amount of limestone powder waste (high limestone powder content) in the production process, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes raw materials, so how to turn limestone waste into treasure? It is imperative to seek a reasonable solution. domestic research shows that the use of limestone powder as admixture in concrete has the effect of improving concrete structure, enhancing concrete workability, and improving the resistance of concrete to sulfate attack at low temperatures.

SBM provide the complete solution of limestone powder preparation system for concrete plant. As a manufacturer of grinding equipment, SBM has established hundreds of limestone powder-to-batch system production lines in more than 120 countries and regions, which include Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Limestone Powder Detection

According to the new《JGJ/T 318-2014 limestone powder in concrete application technical specifications》, 《 GB 50164 concrete quality control standards》 and other national and industrial standards.

Limestone Powder Technical Indicators
Calcium carbonate content (%) ≥75
Residue(≥45μm )(%) ≤15
Activity index (%) 7d ≥60
Liquidity ratio (%) ≥100
Water content (%) ≤1.0
MB value ≤1.4

The asphalt mixing plant generally uses limestone powder within 180 to 200 mesh to improve the adhesion of the asphalt to the aggregate.

Limestone Powder Technical Indicators
The apparent density is not greater than (t/m3) 2.5 2.45
Water content is not more than (%) 1 1
Appearance No agglomeration and no agglomeration
Water coefficient ≤1
Size range <0.6mm< /td> 100 100
<0.15mm 90-100 90-100
<0.075mm 75-100 75-100

Equipment Selection

MTW European Grinding Mill

This mill has many merits that traditional grinding mills fail to own, such as cone gear’s whole transmission, inner oil absorption lubrication system, arc air flue and multinomial international advanced technologies. Besides, it owns multinomial autonomous patent technology property rights

SBM has a technical service team consisting of 25 senior engineers, 46 engineers and 165 senior technicians. On the basis of surveying the planning site for customers, we provide customers with detailed project design plans, provide reasonable equipment selection configuration, equipment list and project cost, design site basic drawings, and design special processes according to customer's special requirements. The team's expertise covers the entire process chain of limestone milling.

Equipment Investment Energy consumption Land occupation Maintenance
Ball mill High High Large High cost
Traditional Raymond mill High High Large High cost
European Mill System Low Low Small Low cost

Advantages of MTW Grinding System

Under the same output, the investment amount is only one-half of the ball mill, and the floor space is only equivalent to one-third of the 4R Raymond mill.

A dust collector used. The dust removal efficiency is above 99%.

A water flushing system used. After rinsing, the sewage is clarified and discharged into the wastewater ditch.

Low noise. The grinding rollers don’t contact with the grinding ring, so the machine vibration is small and the noise is low.

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