Quick lime, mainly composed of calcium oxide, is usually prepared by calcining natural rocks with calcium carbonate as the main component at high temperatures, which can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide (chemical formula: CaO, namely quicklime, also known as dolomite).

All natural rocks, such as limestone, chalk and dolomitic limestone, which are mainly composed of calcium carbonate, can be used to produce lime.

Technological Process

Calcinated in lime kiln, quicklime is usually massive and can be used to make calcium carbide, liquid alkali and bleaching powder. It can be used as filler and refractory in industry, and can be used in building to make lime emulsion paint and mortar.
(1) Grinding Stage:
Calcined lime raw materials are crushed through feeder after intermediate cooling and sent to main grinding room for grinding. The grinded fine powder is classified by fan air flow and then sent into outlet air pipeline to enter the collection stage.
(2) Collecting Stage:
The dust gas enters the cyclone collector and separates most of the fine powder from the finished product. At the same time, the surplus gas is sent to the pulse dust collector, which is transformed into clean gas through the pulse dust collector, and the fine powder collected by the cloth bag is conveyed to the cyclone collector by the screw conveyor.
(3) Conveying Stage:
The finished ore powder collected by dust collector and cyclone collector is sent from screw conveyor to bucket elevator, and then into finished material tank. The dust gas in the tank is collected by the top dust collector, and the finished product is stored in the finished tank, and the clean gas is discharged.
(4) Finished Product Stage:
The lime powder obtained from the powder can be directly sent to the customer site for use without additional downstream processing procedures.

Powder Requirements

Powder Requirements

(1) For Sewage Treatment

Fineness: 200mesh

The discharge of wastewater from quicklime industry and municipal wastewater is increasing year by year. Quicklime wastewater treatment is widely used in papermaking, brewing, chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, which is conducive to improving the reuse rate of industrial water and promoting the recycling of wastewater.

(2) For Desulfurization in Metallurgical Iron & Steel Industry

Fineness: 200mesh

Green water and blue sky are protected, and environmental protection policies are becoming increasingly stringent. Quicklime is used to purify sulfur dioxide produced during coal combustion in key industries such as iron and steel, power, chemical industry and coal.

(3) To Make Building Materials & Aerated Bricks, etc.

Fineness: 180mesh

Lime is also widely used as building materials, and it can be used to make calcium hydroxide and cement accelerator. It is also used to make new type of environmental friendly aerated brick, which causes light weight, heat insulation, waterproof and other functions, and plays a very important role in the development of modern construction industry.

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