Limestone tailings, stone powder, leftover bits and pieces are regarded as traditional wastes. It has become a trend to make concrete mixed with stone powder after grinding. A way of turning “waste” into treasure in green ecological mine is more and more favored by green mine project, aggregate recycling project, road and bridge project and high performance concrete project.

Domestic research results (GBT-30190-2013-limestone powder concrete) show that the use of limestone powder as admixture in concrete can improve the concrete structure, enhance the workability of concrete and improve the sulfate resistance of concrete at low temperature.

Technical Specifications for Construction of Highway Asphalt Pavements (JTG F40-2004) also stipulates the fineness of mineral powder of highway asphalt concrete. The research shows that mineral powder plays a filling role in asphalt mixture. The purpose is to reduce the void of asphalt concrete, reduce the amount of cement, improve the workability of concrete and reduce the heat of hydration. Mineral powder and asphalt form asphalt mortar together, which improves the strength and stability of asphalt concrete.

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Technological Process

Mineral powder plays a filling role in asphalt mixture, which can reduce the void of asphalt concrete, reduce the amount of cement, improve the workability of concrete and reduce the heat of hydration.
(1) Grinding Stage
Suitable raw materials are fed into the main grinding room of the feeder for grinding. The fine powder after grinding rises under the action of the air flow of the fan and is sent to the analyzer for grading. The fine powder with qualified fineness enters the collecting stage through the outlet pipe.
(2) Collecting Stage
The dust gas enters the cyclone collector of the main engine. Under the action of centrifugal force, most of the fine powder of the finished product is separated, collected and transported to the conveying stage. At the same time, the exhaust gas passes through the pulse dust collector and becomes the clean gas to be discharged.
(3) Conveying Stage
The finished ore powder is transferred from screw conveyor to bucket elevator, and then into slender deep warehouse finished material tank. The dust gas in the tank is collected by the top dust collector, and the finished product is stored in the finished tank, and the clean gas is discharged.
(4) Finished Product Stage
The ore powder obtained after powder can be directly sent to the customer for on-site use without additional downstream processing procedures.

Powder Requirements

Concrete mixing station: 325mesh D85

Table 1 Technical Requirements for Limestone Powder
Limestone Powder Technical Indicators
CaSO4/% ≥75
Fineness/% ≤15
Activity Index/% 7d ≥60
28d ≥60
Mobility Ratio/% ≥100
Water Content/% ≤1.0
MB Value/% ≤1.4

Asphalt mixing station: 180-200mesh

Project of Technical Requirements for Limestone Powder
Category Size Size Ratio
Size range <0.6mm< /td> 100
<0.15mm 90-100
<0.075mm 75-100
Size range <0.6mm< /td> 100
<0.15mm 90-100
<0.075mm 70-100

Note:Limestone powder is generally used in asphalt mixing stations from 180mesh to 200mesh to improve the cohesion between asphalt and aggregate.

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