Brief introduction of GCC

Ground Calcium Carbonate is processed through naturally occurring high purity Limestone/Dolomite/Marble/calcite ores containing CaCO3 as major component. The selected raw material has to be washed, crushed ,fine grinded and then classified precisely to attain the products of exceptional consistent & desirable quality available in a variety of grades.

Items Properties
Main Chemical Components Calcium Carbonate
Moh’s Hardness 3-4
Color Light Grey, Dark Grey, White
Odour Odourless
Deformation Environment Shallow Sea Facies Sediment
Category According to its cause of formation:
Chemical Precipitation,biont,biochemistry
According to its structure
bulk,min shape,strip,clast, etc
...Limestone ...Limestone Powder

Main Applications of GCC

Application Fields Main Purposes
Metallurgy In steelmaking and ironmaking, limestone acts as the carrier of
calcium oxide and can combine unnecessary or harmful
accompanying elements such as ash in coke, silicon, aluminum
, sulfur, phosphorus and turn into fusible slag out of the furnace.
Chemical Rubber, calcium carbide, bleaching agent, alkali, soda, calcium
nitrate, calcium chloride, calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate,
nitrogenous, carbon dioxide, calcium oxide, precipitated calcium
carbonate, etc.
Construction Ingredients of mortar, all kinds of lime, aggregate, pitch, etc.
Agriculture and Forestry Calcium fertilizer, acidic soil amendment, feed , epidemic
prevention, pesticide, disinfector
Building Materials Cement Portland cement
Glass Raw material of calcium oxide as the stabilizer in glass
Ceramic Raw material of calcium oxide
Food Sugar manufacturing、food storage(preservative), etc
Environmental Protection Flue gas desulfurization、industrial waste water treatment, etc
Others Tanning、printing and dyeing、nonferrous metal,etc

Particle Size Requirement

Application Range of Particle Size
Fertilizer 20-150mesh
Cosmetic ≤325mesh
Painting 600-1250mesh
Plastic 400-1250mesh
Paper 1250mesh
... ... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...


Application field


Chemical industry




Building materials

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