Material: petrol coke

Model: MTM160

Capacity: 4-5TPH

Final Product Size: 200mesh

Location: Gujarat, India

Case study

A factory in India intended to set up a petrol coke powder processing plant, and they heard about our company from their friends, so they have interest to cooperate with us. The requirement of final product size was 200mesh and capacity was 4-5 tons per hour.


According to their actual situation, we recommend them to purchase our MTM series trapezium mill for this project. The model MTM160 can easily reach capacity about 4-5t/h when output size is 200mesh. After some consideration, he accepted our suggestion


We sent engineers to India help them to help them install and debug equipment. The main unit runs stable, and it almost doesn’t require maintenance. Customer is very pleased with our MTM160 trapezium mill.

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