Project Description:

Customer Address: Shandong, China

Equipment: 4 sets of MTW215 European Trapezium Mill, the auxiliary feeding, pulverizing, dust removal, powder collecting, transportation, storage and nitrogen protection devices, etc.

Processing Materials: coal

Finished Product: pulverized coal

Feeding Size: < 50mm

Finished Particle Size: 200 mesh on screen 80%

Capacity: the project with annual output of 1 million tons of pulverized coal

Case Summary:

In the context of the state's efforts to promote efficient and clean use of coal, an energy company in Shandong Province purchased 4 sets of MTW European trapezium mill for pulverized coal preparation. Through the use of micro coal atomization technology to supply fuels for industrial boilers, the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency of boilers have been greatly improved, and the annual profit has reached over 100 million, which has become a model of high clean & efficient utilization of coals.

Process Analysis:

The raw coal in the raw coal bin is fed into the scraper conveyor by a quantitative belt feeder, then sent into the dryer by the scraper conveyor. After drying, the raw coal is transported to a closed storage bin by a closed scraper conveyor, and then transported to the raw material storage bin of the pulverizing system through transport vehicles. It is fed into the MTW215 through a weighing feeder. The powder after grinding is graded by powder classifier, and then enters into the powder collector along the pipeline (the residual air is collected by pulse dust collector). The collected pulverized coal is sent into the coal powder hoist through the screw conveying system and then stored in the finished coal powder storage and is transported by tankers based on demands. The whole system increases the nitrogen-making system and carbon dioxide system to provide explosion-proof and fire protection, and the key components are equipped with explosion-proof valves to prevent damage to equipment.

Project Advantage:

  1. 1. Project General Contractor Service

    In order to maximize the save time limit and reduce the customer's investment, the coal preparation project adopts the general contracting service. The project general contracting service is a turnkey service project designed by SBM for the customer’s requirement of commissioning convenience. The service runs through the site terrain environmental investigation, grinding plant process design, raw material testing, finished product requirements analysis, customer investment cost budget, equipment installation and commissioning and other links. Customers can avoid project disruption by the cause of construction materials, inadequate manpower and other special factors to delay production time. So that customers maximize the convenience of production, which meets the urgent needs of customers in production time and win high praise from Shandong customers.

  2. 2. Convenient Operation

    In order to improve the easy-operation performance of coal grinding plants, this grinding plant adopts unique two-step operation--drying and milling. The two-step pulverized coal preparation system refers to the solution to separate drying and milling. The grinding cavity temperature is relatively low, and it is a special process of MTW European trapezium mill to prepare pulverized coal. The process system is relatively simple and easy to control, at the same time can greatly improve the safety performance of the grinding plant.

  3. 3. Less Investment

    MTW European trapezium mill uses bevel gear overall drive, internal thin oil lubrication system, oil temperature on-line measurement and many other advanced technologies, and owns a number of proprietary technology property rights. The system has many advantages, such as small footprint, low comprehensive investment, low operation cost, high efficiency, environmental protection and so on.

  4. 4. High Safety and Environmental Protection Performance

    In order to ensure the safety performance of fire and explosion in the preparation of pulverized coal, the production plant is equipped with nitrogen system and carbon dioxide extinguishing system, which can ensure the safety and stability of the equipment to the maximum extent.

    At the same time, we take effective measures to strictly control the dust concentration of the exhaust gases within the limits prescribed by the state. The production plant adopts the pulse dust collector produced by the advanced technology to minimize the influence of the production plant on the surrounding environment.

Benefit Evaluation:

  1. 1. Economic Benefit Evaluation

    By reforming the traditional coal-fired boiler with micro coal atomization technology, the combustion efficiency can be increased to 98%, the thermal efficiency can be increased to more than 90%, and the ton steam can be increased from 5.5 tons to more than 9 tons. Compared with the traditional coal-fired boiler, this can save more than 30% of the coal, 20% of the electricity, 10% of the water, 60% of the land and 50% of the manpower. And the coal sales reached 800 million, profits and taxes reached 100 million.

  2. 2. Social Benefit Evaluation

    The pulverized coal produced by the grinding plant is supplied to the industrial boiler by micro coal atomizing technology, which breaks the traditional coal combustion status. It belongs to the model of high efficiency and clean utilization of coal, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of coal. It is of enlightening significance for coal enterprises to survive the severe winter.

  3. 3. Environmental Benefit Evaluation

    All kinds of air pollution emission indicators have reached the emission standards of natural gas boilers, and realized no dust, no coal, no residue and no smoke.

Client Feedback:

Due to the large scale of the coal powder grinding plant, and the quality requirements of the coal powder are relatively high, we are very careful when we choose the manufacturer. After a long time study in many aspects, finally we choose the SBM equipment. We gain professional solutions and services from field inspection to installation and commissioning. The 4 milling equipment we purchased also work well and the output exceeds the design capacity.

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