Project Location: Shanghai, China

Equipment: MTM100 Grinding Mill

Input Material: limestone &lime

Capacity: 100,000/year

We have a long cooperation with Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and other companies for finished products of steel desulfurization. We have more than 10 years industry experience. I have purchased from the Division 3 YGM9517 hanging roller mill and two MTM100 medium-speed T-shaped mills for 12 years.

300rpm, the speed of the classifier is 320 ~ 350r / min, 90% pass rate; 150 mesh, the speed of the separator, the speed of the separator is 300 ~ 350r / min. For the 150r / min, 95% pass rate.

Client feedback

The world is the old industrial partners. Our Institute of Shanghai Branch has just set up to buy the first state of the world is the mill industry. The quality and service are very good otherwise it will not cooperate more than 10 years. Over the past decade, our company is devoted to improve the state of the equipment. From the original YGM series to the present trapezoidal MTM mill, stand-alone production has been improved. Cooperation stresses win-win situation and can keep for a long time. We and the world have a long joint and supplement each other.

A university research Shanghai branch.

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