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Which Limeston Crushers Are the Best Choice for Desulphurization

A large number of sulfur dioxide emissions, is caused by increased acid rain pollution in China the primary reason. The power industry is a large coal-burning, sulfur dioxide emissions accounted for two-thirds of the country's total emissions, the state promulgated the latest "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards" (GB13223-2003) on thermal power plant sulfur dioxide emissions put forward more Strict specific restrictions, in which sulfur dioxide and smoke control limits are close to the requirements of developed countries and regions. This desulfurization of flue gas power plants put forward higher requirements, select advanced and efficient desulfurization process is particularly important.

At present, domestic and foreign thermal power plants using desulfurization process has more than 100 species. The most widely used is the limestone desulfurization technology, that is, limestone, gypsum wet flue gas washing technology, flue gas with limestone slurry to deal with, remove the flue gas SO2, the final product is dihydrate calcium sulfate (plaster). Limestone gypsum flue gas desulfurization technology is one of the most mature, widely used in the world of flue gas desulfurization technology, usually used by large power plants. Limestone gypsum flue gas desulfurization technology has a high desulfurization efficiency, even for high sulfur fuel, the same is true. Early limestone-based flue gas desulphurization technology produced sulfurous acid residues or gypsum, are discarded as a waste, and today, this equipment is usually designed to produce a suitable for the production of high quality plaster wallboard products .

For many applications, this method has a lower production cost than other lime-based flue gas desulfurization processes. Usually, limestone is cheaper than lime, and in general, by-product gypsum can be sold as a commodity. It is mainly used for gypsum board, building gypsum and gypsum block. It can also be used as cement curing agent or cement Coagulant, can also be used as engineering temporary building materials, etc., so that not only can increase plant efficiency, reduce operating costs, and can reduce the cost of desulfurization by-product disposal to extend the service life of the ash field. This is particularly important for equipment with high absorber consumption. The limestone gypsum flue gas desulphurization technology typically provides one of the lowest cost options for large inland plants with medium to high sulfur fuels, high load factors and long service life.

And how to make low-cost limestone is to start a new way to reduce the cost of thermal power plants, thermal power plant desulfurization system of limestone fineness requirements more stringent, basically using 0 ~ 1mm particle size range of limestone, and to minimize the fine Powder, which also need to use desulfurization with limestone for crusher, the current desulfurization system in order to achieve a one-time desulfurization of limestone powder fineness requirements, commonly used desulfurization with limestone special crusher (high-performance pre-mill) and DPX Efficient crushing machine combination of the way, the method has been opened in November 2010 to build the Xinjiang oil ring in the use of the project has been fully confirmed that the project is mainly used in the production of Shanghai heyday set of reciprocating feeder WF120, single crushing Machine DPX90 and desulfurization special limestone crusher YM150, in the course of nearly a year of use, running in good condition, to achieve the desired requirements, with the following "three low" significant features: 1, low ultra-fine powder, will result in waste And secondary pollution of ultrafine powder control in less than 10%; 2, low investment, saving more than 30% of conventional investment; 3, low power consumption, saving more than 40% of conventional equipment.

It is reported that the SBM desulfurization with limestone special crusher and DPX efficient crusher is mainly used in thermal power plant desulfurization system, the pre-crushing, low investment, to improve energy production 10-20%, desulfurization with limestone crusher is limestone powder milling Equipment, the use of pre-mill for pre-grinding, than the average does not use the pre-mill production increased by 20-30%. The SBM desulfurization with limestone crusher is a comprehensive domestic and foreign high-efficiency pre-mill technology, the main technical parameters optimized design developed from the new crushing, coarse grinding products The equipment is mainly applied to loose iron ore, limestone, Sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, coal gangue and lump coal. It is especially suitable for the preparation of desulfurized limestone powder in thermal power plant. At present, the equipment has become an indispensable equipment in thermal power plant desulphurization system.