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Why We Need New Calcium Carbide Crushers

With the cement and other industries, calcium carbide industry, there are serious backward production capacity, the national policy has also been accelerating calcium carbide industry out of backward production capacity, in the July 11 release of the Ministry of Industry announced in 2011 the industrial sector list of backward production capacity of enterprises, 48 calcium carbide Related businesses on the list.

As we all know, calcium carbide (CaC2) chemical name of calcium carbide, also known as the calcite. Calcium carbide is an important raw material in the organic synthesis industry, itself can also be used for iron and steel industry desulfurization agent. After processing, not only for the industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical industry to provide raw materials, especially broken into powdery calcium carbide and nitrogen at the same time after heating will generate cyanide calcium amide (lime nitrogen), heating lime nitrogen and salt generated by the reaction of cyanide Melt can be used for gold mining and non-ferrous metals industry. In the industrial field occupies a very important position.

Eliminate backward production capacity and to avoid duplication and increase environmental governance is also one of the main factors affecting the calcium carbide market. The cost of calcium carbide in environmental control and pollution control will be increasing investment, thereby affecting the market price. Theelimination of backward production capacity and project ban, no doubt will reduce the calcium carbide market volume.

Although the calcium carbide out of backward production capacity is less than the cement industry, but has also touched the industry, however, no matter how out of any enterprise, calcium carbide production and processing must be broken to a certain fineness to use, which is doomed to calcium carbide industry can not be separated Calcium carbide crushing equipment, calcium carbide crushing equipment demand is still not reduced, but put forward higher requirements, such as the peak production of single-stage crusher in calcium carbide crushing process can replace the traditional two-stage crushing, to single crusher The effect, known as calcium carbide special crusher. At present, the domestic calcium carbide broken by two levels of E broken and the third level of crushing process configuration, however, SBM but elsewhere, the configuration of the production process for the calcium carbide industry favorite, set a calcium carbide broken benchmark.

It is understood that, in order to meet the domestic large-scale application of dry acetylene process, and the intensive production process design, SBM developed jaw crusher, single-stage crusher and XPCF high-performance crusher different configurations to achieve different crushing Effect, under normal circumstances,SBM single crusher crusher can achieve the purpose of a calcium carbide crusher, without the use of other equipment, which not only reduces the multi-level broken equipment investment, civil engineering and power consumption, the overall production process. Simple and compact, but also greatly shorten the production time to achieve the effect of energy saving, which is a historic breakthrough. At the same time, the process and its equipment has anti-"iron", anti-wear, completely sealed, less maintenance of a variety of advantages, greatlyenhance the overall process reliability and stability.

If customers have high requirements on the fineness of the material, you can use the peak jaw crusher plus XPCF efficient crusher process configuration program, the peak is also known as high-performance crusher electrolytic crusher, SBM in the digestion and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad , Combined with the specific conditions of the domestic industry-related conditions, and in accordance with their own over the years the production of electrolytic crusher for the experience of the latest generation of research and development of electrolytic crusher, calcium carbide, carbide slag and other materials broken field effect is significant.

Although the release of the list of the current calcium carbide market has little effect, but the calcium carbide industry has been eliminated has been taken measures. The second half of the overall industry started to maintain calcium carbide low level of calcium carbide production in the past couple of months there will be reduced to become the rescue of calcium carbide market downturn is a positive factor. At the same time, calcium carbide industry was backward production capacity out of the broken equipment requirements, who can seize the calcium carbide market opportunities, and see the performance of equipment under high quality!